What We Do

Why Us

Be the 10%.  It's said that 90% of traders lose 90% of their account within the first 90 days so trading is not an easy game. You are trading against individuals and institutions that have much bigger pockets than you. Many traders want to make a guesstimate in the market and profit but that is falling victim to the trap. Many are unwilling to make an investment in their education and the proper tools necessary to succeed over time. Here, we believe in teamwork through guidance and community to lead our members to profitable trading behaviors.

We are full-time traders. Our traders touch all asset classes and styles. From scalps to swings to long-term investments and equities to futures to options to Forex. We've got it. Join our ranks and be part of our growing community.  We plan our trades, trade our plans and never chase. We contribute ideas instead of following others. Together we can achieve a powerful community that consists of more winning traders than losers.

Our Goals and Method

We work behind the scenes because our goal is to turn every new member into a capable trader that will soon become self-sufficient. We are a resource. Leverage our knowledge and experience to avoid the pitfalls that many new and some experienced traders make. We understand that we are not perfect but what better what to learn than to join a community with active traders that have been doing this for years?

Our process can be broken down into the following components.

Leadership. Consider that we have survived the test of time. Most, if not all of our analysts, have been trading for years. They started off just like you, wondering if trading in the markets is really possible or is the conventional wisdom that you can't beat the markets true.

Not every trade is a winning one but the combination of our trades are. Our analysts and senior analysts are held accountable for the development of other members.


Personal mentoring. We are committed to adding a personal touch to each of our member's development. Staff members, analysts, and senior analysts are all available and will gladly respond to concerns or request for advice.

We recognize that one size does not fit all so we can analyze your portfolio, risk levels, and give our advice on how we believe you should utilize our service to take on the markets.


Technology. We budget and spend thousands of dollars each month to provide ease of access to our platform, through desktop apps, web-based apps, and mobile apps. This makes it easy to stay connected to our live trading room and gives you easy access to our mentors when you have questions.

In addition, we spend thousands of hours collectively each month, to not only maintain consistent standards of service but develop new features in our platform. Anything to give our members an edge.

Don't take our word for it. We challenge you to ask at random any of our members their thoughts on the value of their membership.  There's no surprise that most of them have been able to recoup their membership fees in a short period of time.