Use Pre-made Stocktwits Account For Marketing

1. Select 1 Account Pre-made by other Upworkers for marketing. The list of available accounts to use for marketing will be posted on an excel sheet and in the group chat on Discord

Excel Sheet for Accounts:

2. Select Account that you are going to use and Login

3. Mark on Excel that you are using this account, so other upworkers do not try to use a used account.

3 Ways to Advertise

Target Stocktwits Rooms

You will find which rooms you must subscribe to, and join, in order to market and post in these rooms. The best times to post in these rooms are during the hours of 6:00AM - 1:00PM PST

Find Best Rooms for Marketing In this link ->

Target Stocktwits Symbol Boards

You will be posting on the ticker symbols of various boards. Where do I find these various boards? Stocktwits has it’s own board for every stock in the market. Such as $AAPL, for Apple stock. Everyday, we have a scanner that lists the best traded stocks, and we want to target these hot stocks during hours like 1:00PM PST, and 6:00AMPST because these are the times in which the most people are watching!

When you post our Marketing Image and Message on these boards, you will get leads and referrals!

Go to here to find stock symbols for marketing! This list provides the HOTTEST STOCKS FOR EACH DAY

List 1:,ta_highlow20d_nh&ft=3&o=-volume
List 2:,sh_price_o1,ta_perf2_d15o&ft=4