Xtrades Analyst Guidelines

Analyst Three PIllars to Bringing Company Success

Our company currently runs on Subscription revenue, so the core pillars to our success revolve around three things:  “
1.  Marketing for New Users
2. Providing value to users through resources like Video Lessons and Trading Alerts (with learning explanations behind them being the most effective ones for sign ups)
3. Converting the user (Closing the deal)


Please note that payments to Analysts have always been an Optional thing.  Originally, we never paid people who were Analysts at EI, and things seemed to work out better that way.  However, since we have already begun, it would be a bit unreasonable to say that I’m not paying.  Below is the structure to getting paid as an Analyst.  Payments will be higher upon reaching a consistent $20,000/month as
$0 - $20,000 in Gross Subscription Revenues.

During this stage, Analysts will not get paid what we called the Analyst Bonus (Please refer below), as expenses will be directed towards making sure operations are stable and marketing is constantly improving.  However, Analysts will earn revenue through Alerts, Invites, and Conversions. 

Below are the payout structures during this phase of growth for Xtrades.
- Direct Conversion - When user signs up via your Link - 20% of Initial Payment + Following Payments. 
User must record and have all of this tracked on an excel sheet at the end of each month.  If you exceed 100 conversions, we will raise your conversion payment to 30%.
- Invites: $3/invited User into the Channel.
- Alerts: A Portion of Membership sales will be given to Analysts and Qualified Members that provide accurate alerts in the channels.  Staff members should continue to post their alerts in the #staff channels.
$20,100 - $50,000 in Gross Subscription Revenues
Analyst Bonus Qualifications (Applicable at $20,000+ Subscription Revenues for Xtrades.net)

15% of All subscription revenues will be split to Qualified Analysts Every Month.


Analysts with Qualified Messages of 400 or more and a Conversion of 1 or more for the month will be qualified for the Analyst Bonus.  This is to ensure that only active users are receiving the monetary benefits of Xtrades

We have established a point system for certain variables that generate you points and allow you to establish a share of the Analyst Payout.  The harder the task, the more points the task is worth. These tasks generate points for the Analyst
- Converting a user to monthly subscriptions
- Converting a user to yearly subscription- Qualified Posts (Posts with a ticker, or have 12 words or more.  Non-filler posts)- Invites (Bringing in real users because your Twitter or Stocktwits has followers growing on it)
- Content (Video Lessons, Script or Scan Creation)Rules and Responsibilities
$50,000+ in Gross Subscription Revenues.
20% of Subscription Revenues instead of 15% will go to the Analyst Bonus.

During this stage in the past, we have had Analysts making $4000 - $7000 in one month due to making conversions on users.  Patience and trust that the project is going to where it needs to be is important in reaching these stages of our chat room.

Rules and Responsibilities

  • Analyst positions must not be taken for granted, as they are a representation of the server’s trust in your abilities to stay professional

  • Record all conversions onto excel sheet, include email, name, type of membership, and payment amount, also track recurring payments for future conversions.

  • Please send all users interested in Mentorship to the Mentorship Channels in Both Servers.  These servers have been privated, and only users that are in trial as a lead or requested mentorship may have access to them

  • Maintain 300 Qualified Posts Monthly

  • Analysts will only become and stay Analysts if a server administrator has deemed them as qualified and their monthly input is sufficient. Once an Analyst becomes inactive, his role will be removed, and only upon agreement with the Server Administrator can they retain their position.